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What you get for your community skating rink


Community skating rinks can be virtually any size. A good starter size however is 40ft x 80ft. This is the size that RinkFunder has based the community crowdfunding skating rink project on. With this size the community can have up to 75 skaters using the surface at any given time. Its also a reasonably affordable size and also one small enough where every motivated community can find a space well suited to install one of our rinks.

To make this community project a reality for you we require a crowdfunding effort of $120,000 for each rink project*. Consider for a moment that an actual refrigerated skating rink can easily cost $5 million for a permanent site with a building and that is what we are comparing to. All of a sudden the $120,000 does not seem so bad!

*Based on the 40ft x 80ft project model.

Each interested community needs to fund $120,000 to qualify. So for example 1200 contributions of $100 each would fund a skating rink for your community.

What Does the Community Receive?

The community would receive the following:

40 ft x 80 ft SmartRink


When successfully funded your community will receive a premium quality SmartRink synthetic ice skating surface. We will use our best heavy duty commercial product the ProFast1800-SG. This will ensure worry free skating any time of year for the next 30 years with minimal maintenance!

You will also receive the perimeter board system with two hinged gates.


Optional: Upper perimeter netting and netting posts/

100 pairs of community skates


Once your project is fully funded you will receive 100 pairs of skates as part of the package deliverable. We will work with your organization to determine the right mix of child and adult sizes to best suit your community.

Professional Skate Sharpener


The package also includes a professional skate sharpener. We will teach you to become experts at sharpening skates

Installation and Training


The project pricing includes complete installation* and full on site training including:

- SmartRink crew to set up rink and inspect project

- SmartRink supervisor to train on all aspect of care, best practices,
  and any maintenance requirements.


*Please note: project funding prices assumes site preparation is complete

Shipping anywhere in North America

This is the "easy button" when it comes to logistics and getting your rink to where you want it. We will look after everything including shipping all the products to your designated community.


Additional Options:

If your community really gets behind this project and can raise more than the required $120,000 for the package as identified above, then here are a few more options to consider:

  • Make the rink bigger

  • Upgrade your skates and / or skate blades

  • If installed outside, consider erecting a covered structure to prevent rain or snow from getting on the surface so it can be used virtually at any time.

  • Hockey lines, markings, goal creases

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