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Community Benefits


So what exactly can you expect if your community backs one of our projects? 
Your community can expect to have a turnkey skating rink project completed with 12 weeks of being fully funded.


A resident in AnyTown North America has always wanted a skating rink in the community but they could never afford it. This SmartRink community skating rink looks like a great solution. They appeal to local businesses and the community at large to contribute and sponsor the project through this site. In fact some prominent local businesses really want to help back the project because it’s so unique. They will even be able to advertise on the rink boards and see this as a unique return on investment.


If for any reason the funding goal for any specific community is not reached then that community money will either be completely refunded or a project of a lessor scope is determined and therefore a smaller contribution can be arranged.


The Community Impact:
Imagine being able to skate year round in your community. Kids who have never been able to experience ice skating can now do so. It’s a fun friends and family recreational activity that is also unique. They can ice skate all year round! It’s a way for the local community to develop additional recreational infrastructure for very little cost. This is a way to develop a sense of community pride in having an attraction so unique. 

The rink becomes a unique destination into what may be your diminished downtown core. It has the potential to revitalize your shopping district. Businesses and the community alike love the concept as it becomes a catalyst for shows and events which have the potential to attract tourists, shoppers, recreational enthusiasts. This is a fantastic idea!

This has the potential to bond a community together, to make a community more active, to simply have fun. Is also has the potential to be run as an on-going community fund raiser where skaters can pay to skate and these funds can be re-directed as the community decides. Since it’s owned by the community – it’s your rink to decide how it’s run.

SmartRink has installed community ice rinks in several places in the USA and Canada. Most recently one we operated attracted over 8,000 skaters during its 2 month opening. This rink was located outside at a shopping mall. We have also installed rinks in Vegas, Arkansas, Missouri, New York, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, U.K., Switzerland, and all over Canada.

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