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What we need from you


Most importantly we need your drive and determination to contact your community contacts and create a groundswell of interest! But there are a few other things for you to be thinking about as well:

Community Outreach!

The most important piece of the project is reaching out to your contacts and getting them excited enough about the community rink project to make a donation.

Your contacts need to include: friends, neighbors, sporting community, associations, politicians, local businesses, Rotary Clubs or similar community based fundraising organizations

Social Media is King!


Crowdfunding works so quickly simply because your 200 friends probably know 200 more friends and so on. It's a number game and those with a compelling project combined with a solid social media campaign get projects funded.

Select a project site


You need to secure a location for this project. Most local governments will accomodate a request for a location - especially if the they are not being asked for any contributions! Even so there are considerations the local politicians and bureaucrats may have. For example - there might be political "turf wars" in terms of who's area the project will get approval for. There may be legitimate concerns over safety, or lighting, or traffic patterns, or vandalism, or noise considerations.

Great locations include those that maybe are being revitalized - a downtown core for example. Or perhaps an under utilized tennis or basketball court, or parking lot.


So do your homework ahead of applying for RinkFunder and get your site selected and approved by the local government.

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