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About RinkFunder


We offer a turnkey program to get a community synthetic ice skating rink fully funded and installed within your community quickly and worry free. Our team has the experience and premium products to ensure your synthetic ice skating rink project is successful for the long term. We have installed some amazing projects around the world. Since 2007 we have installed over 500 private, community and for profit synthetic ice skating rinks around the world. Despite all those installations we still see a massive opportunity to spread the word about our amazing product.

Our vision is to install synthetic skating surfaces in communities all over North America. We want to provide affordable skating surfaces especially to those areas that can't find public funds to build a skating rink. Ice skating is a fun recreational activity suitable for all ages. There are thousands of communities across Canada and the USA that don't have a skating rink and I would really like to change that. This campaign will make it possible to introduce skating to communities that either have very limited access or possibly no access to community ice skating.

We receive a lot of questions about RinkFunder and SmartRink synthetic ice. Here are a few commonly asked questions that might help you to better understand our product. If you want to learn even more then please visit




Who owns the community rink (after its installed)?

The actual ownership structure will need to be determined by the primary community contact person or group. You may need to form a Community Association or similar legal structure that clearly identifies the ownership of the asset and its governance. We arent experts in this area so it would be best to consult with local authorities as to what structure would suit your needs the best.


What happens if we raise some of the money but not all of it?

The biggest risk is not completely funding a project. Let’s say for example a community legitimately works at this and makes it to only 80% of the $120,000 goal, or $96,000. In a case like that we decide if you want to change the scope of the project. Should it be downsized and made smaller? If so what is that trade off? Will the community accept that trade off? The nice thing about these rinks is that they can always be made larger, and they can always be made smaller if the funding is not there.

What if our community does not have a proper location lined up?

You require a proper location prior to proceeding with RinkFunder. Chances are that a local politician can be helpful there. Look for parking lots, or under utilizied tennis or basketball courts. Perhaps the town or city will donate or loan you use of a surplus property for the life of the rink.


What percentage of the fundraising goes to administer the crowdfunding platform fee?

There are different crowdfunding models available to us and because RinkFunder is international in scope we felt Indiegogo offered the best crowdfunding platform. Here's the Indiegogo example: When your campaign raises funds, the crowdfunding site Indiegogo charges a fixed 4.0% fee on the funds you raise. This fee is referred to as a "platform fee" - meaning the website platform setup by Indiegogo to promote your project and raise your money.

RinkFunder has already built the cost of these fees into the Community Rink Project goal of $120,000.

Credit card fees will also be added to the above campaign fees. A charge of 3% will be added to these fees prior to any campaign funds being disbursed. This is simply a cost that is passed along.


Contributions can also be made via PayPal.
If you have a PayPal account then you can contribute through your account. If you don't have a PayPal account then you can contribute through PayPal using a guest

How does a project contributor make a donation?

People can contribute to a campaign on Indiegogo with a credit card or through PayPal. RinkFunder and the community contact can choose whether to enable only one or both methods of payment. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards are all accepted.


Who is actually holding the money during the campaign as the funds are being raised?

Credit card donations are held by Indiegogo during the campaign and are only released after the campaign is completed.


After a project is funded when is the money disbursed?

Campaign funds will be dispersed to RinkFunder only after the campaign is completed. Only at that point will RinkFunder be in position to order all the materials and make a arrangements with the community coordinator for the delivery and installation of the project.




SmartRink Synthetic Ice


Can I use normal Ice Skates?

Yes! Hockey or figure skates work equally well.

Should they be sharp?
The experience will be better if the skates are sharp – just like on real ice.


Is that real ice?

No its synthetic ice. It’s a specially engineered polymer (plastic) designed for the purpose of skating.


Can I walk on it?

It's preferable to keep street shoes off the surface. It wont get damaged but it will attract dirt and debris and therefore potentially take away from the skating experience, not to mention it then has to be cleaned!


I’ve heard this is really hard on the skate blades, is that true?

There is more resistance on this surface and therefore it is generally going to dull the blades faster than real ice. But you can be on this product for 5-6 hours without needing to sharpen the skates - depending on what you are doing. If can vary for different weights of skaters and the skates they are using. Some new skate technologies claim the skates will stay sharp for up to 40 hours of skating time - even on synthetic.

Can it be setup and placed outside?

Yes. Depending on the location we will match the product best suited for the ground/substrate at that location.


What is the operational temperature range?
Between minus 40 C and plus 50 C 

How realistic is the skating experience?
The product is 100% skateable! There is nothing that can not be done on synthetic ice from a skating perspective. 


The proposed surface is not level or smooth. How much of a problem is that?

Unless we do a lot of preparation there is not a lot we can do to deal with a surface that is not level. That said we have certainly installed a lot of rinks on surfaces that were not level! The proper connection system or a temporary sub base can both help to deal with this concern. Usually the location, the available product, and the use of the surface are important factors to understand before any setup occurs. The safety of the skater needs to be the primary concern in any setup.


How long does it take to install?
Depending on the type of product, the application, the size, and the location / venue it could be as fast as 1 hour, or take as long as 10 hours – or more.

What would be the ideal location?

For outside applications we have installed on concrete, asphalt, and even grass and snow. An area that is not level does not make for the best skating experience. So installation on a flat hard, level surface is best.


How safe and secure is the setup from vandalism or even theft?

Security from theft really depends on the product. Some lighter duty products could be taken apart and stolen. With the system we recommend for these project is would be virtually impossible to remove or steal the product once its installed. 


How do I clean the rink? 

Removing accumulated dirt or puck marks for example you can use a low foaming (neutral) de-greaser chemical mixed with water according to the instructions provided by the chemical manufacturer. An outdoor surface for example could be pressure washed on a regular basis without much trouble.



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